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You have made it to my little corner of the internet. Whether you were directly looking for it or you came here by chance, I welcome you all the same. This is the official website of my team, Meatpie! We are both an indie game development team as well as a small crochet plushie business. Here, you can find additional information about me and my projects, development logs, or ways to support me in my endeavors. Enjoy your stay!

The heck is Meatpie?

Meatpie started as a game development team in 2020. It was formed with the goal of making my first game project Turtle Head Unmasked, but I have since pursued further. Typically members consist of myself and just whoever I gather to work on a project, so it changes frequently. We work only in the rpg maker engine with the goal of pushing the limit of what it can do. I'm very inspired by RPG Maker games that came before mine, and the extensive work devs continue to put into their games. RPG Maker is something I'm very enthusiastic about, so being able to contribute to the genre I love so much is a massive honor.

As for the crochet side of Meatpie, it is a much newer endeavor! Since I’ve started doing crochet markets and an etsy store in 2024, I realized I would need distinctive branding. So why not use what I’ve already established? The crochet side of Meatpie consists of myself(Mary) with the assistance of my friends. I handle most of the creation work while Stephanie assists me with managing the stall at markets. I like to make small amigurumi plushies and dolls out of worsted weight acrylic yarn. You can find the best of what I’ve made here, and if you like what you see, you can commission me on my etsy store!

What’s with the bunny?

The pink rabbit you see on most Meatpie media is our mascot Binkie! She is a carnivorous zombie rabbit with a strong appetite for flesh. So don’t let that innocent stare fool you! She was created in March of 2022 to represent myself in a way. In the first two years, the look of Meatpie as a “brand” I guess you can call it, didn’t quite feel like me. So Binkie was created to start the rebranding process of making Meatpie feel more like my aesthetic! So I make the most self-indulgent creature imaginable and just hope other people like her as much as I do.