Game description

Rumors have been making their way around a local high school. Some claim to see figures and hear unusual sounds in the late hours of the night when nobody is expected to be there. This intrigued a small friend group, leading them to sneak into the building and investigate. Alas, they might have found what they were looking for.
You play as Harriet, a junior student at the high school. Through her, you will discover the horrific events that unfolded in the local community. The game is intended for players to go into mostly blind, so most of the plot details will have to be discovered on your own.


Turtle Head Unmasked is a remake of a game named Turtle Head, originally made by youtuber/ streamer Pikasprey. The original game came out in May 2016 and was made with RPG Maker MV. It was a horror adventure game with a heavy emphasis on item based puzzle solving. As for the remake, it began development in July of 2020 and was finished in May of 2021. It was also developed in RPG Maker MV and was Meatpies first project. It was released as a free Itchio exclusive game, and there are no plans at this time to put the game on Steam. The gameplay consists mostly of item based puzzle solving similarly to the original. There is an alternate route you get by beating the main game, which has more of a focus on adventure storytelling rather than horror.