Game description

Welcome to the Dream World! Follow our protagonist Nicole Armatti as she gets to explore a place completely built off her own subconscious. Meet friends, foes, and explore a plethora of colorful settings as Nicole travels deeper and deeper into her own dreams.
Sleepy Sheep is heavily inspired by RPG Maker classics such as Yume Nikki and Dreaming Mary. It's a dream simulator, with a twist! There are plenty of people to talk to, side quests to accomplish, mini-games to play, and there are many places that remain unexplored. But be careful, for something dark lurks around the corner....


Sleepy Sheep is the 2nd game in the Meatpie catalog. It was made shortly after the release of Turtle Head Unmasked and is Meatpie's first original project. The first chapter began development in May of 2021 and was finished in August of 2022. It was released on Itchio on August 30th 2022, and Steam on September 2nd 2022. The game has a total of 5 chapters planned for its future releases, although their release dates are undetermined. Chapter 1 is going to get a total revamp to fix bug issues, though it is currently on hiatus in favor for other projects. The revamp will be free with your existing purchase of chapter 1 and will be treated as a remake. The other chapters of Sleepy Sheep are planned to have the same price as the first one upon release, which is $4.99 USD. The gameplay of Sleepy Sheep consists of mostly exploring a plethora of different environments and reading dialogue. It's an adventure game with a heavy reliance on story.