Hello everyone and welcome to the first Divine Doubt dev log! I know people who know about this project have been anticipating a beta release so I just wanna talk about that a bit.

Progress on the game has been going rather smooth overall I would say. Currently, the beta is finished and is in a completely playable state, which I think is good news! But I'm waiting to release it because, well, it's not up to my standard of quality yet. If I'm going to be releasing a polished game, I've learned my lesson from past projects you can't just rush it out the door. I have to let it cook a bit, nobody wants a raw meal now! The issues with the game thus far are a handful of annoying bugs, some UI issues, some of the visuals I made early on aren't quite sized correctly, and the audio mixing isn't good. I'm very grateful that this time around I have a bigger team to help accommodate these issues, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

As for a release date, I don't have one at the moment. But I'm estimating it should be done by mid November 2023 or December 2023 the latest. Again, although I'm very excited to share this project with the world, I really want it to be perfect! So I ask you guys to be patient with me.

But enough about the beta release- what features does it even have? Well it's about an hour of gameplay in total. During testing nobody took more than 2 hours, and that's them really taking their time to explore everything. The beta features all of day 1 in game, and there's about 10 days planned in total for the final release. The days vary in length so I can't quite say how close the game is to done, but I digress. There is a lot of animated cutscenes in the beginning, as well as a puzzle to solve using clues from the world around you. Gameplay consists mostly of exploration and reading dialogue, as this is an extremely story heavy game. I hope y'all like lore! I don't wanna say anything else about the gameplay, because I really don't wanna spoil it for you guys. I spoiled the solution to the puzzle already in one of my previews but what can I say? I just can't contain my excitement sometimes!

General feedback I've gotten about the game from the testers is pretty positive! People seem to like the story and the characters a lot. Though, I've gotten some criticm about the protagonist. People don't seem to like him very much, but to be honest, that's kinda intentional. I definitely plan on fixing that in due time. I can redeem him guys, trust me!

Final thing I would like to do is I would like to shoutout my team a bit! Links to their work are in the underlined text.

Thank you to Moog for creating assets for me, it takes so much of the workload off my shoulders.

Thank you Shoji for editing my scripts and dealing with my admittedly bad grammar skills.

Thank you Vistram for redoing all the audio in game, you're definitely much more qualified in game audio than I.

And finally, thank you to all my beta testers helping me revise the game and turning it into my dream project! I couldn't do this all without you guys.

So yeah, that's about it. Thank you so much for reading and I'll probably do another log after the beta releases. See you soon!