Name: Ariel Monroe

Age: 23

Gender: Female (She/Her)

Height: 5’7 (169cm)

Race: Human

Eye color: Light blue

Hair color: Brown

Occupation: Beauty Consultant

Relatives: Kara Monroe (Sister)
Claireissa Monroe (Mother)
Charlie Bliss (Cousin)

Ariel is a very cheerful girl with a free spirit. She's quite happy and intelligent to boot. She's absolutely your ideal "girl next door" type. But she can get to be a bit bossy at times and likes to take control of situations.
She works as a beauty consultant at a local drug store. Because of her friendly tendencies, she’s made herself generally liked by her peers. Even at places she likes to frequent, everyone will know her name after a short period of time. She can be seen often at local clothing stores, high end restaurants, and even toy stores. She absolutely adores stuffed animals and would cover the entire house with them if her sister allowed her to.
In the story, she is the twin sister of Kara and close friend of Trevor. She loves to treat her loved ones to days out in the city.